Cum Eating

“Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are.”

-Anthelme Brillat Savarin


Cum eating was once considered so taboo that it reached the level of becoming a fetish for a while. In modern times, largely thanks to the influence of porn videos on society, it is now considered perfectly normal for a woman to swallow a big thick load of cum from one or more men to satisfy their urges. It isn’t even freaky anymore for a gang of men to dump loads of jizz in one whore’s mouth bukkake style as she gargles it down with a great big gulp. However, if a guy eats his own cum, that is still considered freaky as hell!

Usually the guy is a submissive who is ordered to do it by a Dominant male or a cuckold put into the predicament by his Dominant female partner, but sometimes guys just do it of their own volition out of curiosity for what cum tastes like. Some guys enjoy tasting their own cum, and others like to taste other guys’ cum. This is especially popular in the cuckolding fetish. In this particular scenario, the cuck might even go so far as to suck the cum of another man out of his mistress’ vagina as a special delicacy.

Get Tested

As with anything in which you might exchange fluids with anyone else, you need to get tested before you eat anyone else’s cum. This will protect your from STIs, which is always a good thing. If you’re eating your own cum, there’s absolutely no need for this safety measure, because there’s no harm in eating the jizz that comes from inside of your body. However, when eating foreign jizz, there’s slightly more risk. Of all the activities under the sphere of kink, however, this one is pretty darn safe.

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