Corset Training

“Corsetry is a body modification.”

-Dita Von Teese


Corsets have been around for hundreds of years as an undergarment worn mostly by women to give them slim waists. However, like many things that were once a part of every day life, corsets are pretty much only a sexy item to wear these days. Those who are into corset training wear them almost all the time in order to get their waists down to what might seem like impossibly small circumferences. Some women who are trained can’t stand up for very long without the support of their garments, because their muscles aren’t very strong anymore since a corset offers a lot of support.

How to Get Started

Many celebrities actually prefer a modern version of corset training called waist training to get their hourglass figure. To get started with corset training, it’s recommended to find a high quality corset that is made either with bones or new modern technology that works just as well. Once you have your piece, you should start by wearing it just one hour per day, and each consecutive day, you raise the time by 30 minutes to an hour. After a few weeks you should be able to wear the corset for 8 hours per day. If you want to do more time than that, you should save that for only special occasions so your organs get room to breathe once in awhile!

The Extreme

Some people who have been very dedicated to the fetish of waist training and corset training wear their corsets all waking hours of the day and some sleeping. This is only the extreme side of the fetish and shouldn’t be expected of all corset-training hopefuls. According to some, years of corset training does help to reduce the size of the natural waist, however, most people who use corset training prefer to do it because of the restrictive feeling of the corsets and how sexy the actual garments look on their bodies.

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