“You’ve got a nice neck for choking.”

-Gene Lebell


There are some fetish purists who say that choking can never be safe, but there are also freaky lovers who turn up their nose and do it anyway in the privacy of their own bedroom. Even relatively vanilla people enjoy choking as a way to spice up their bedroom activities. Choking sex involves placing your hands around the neck of your submissive, or using some type of ligature like a rope, to choke someone as safely as possible. Choking is hot because it is all about control. The person getting choked feels powerless, and the one on top becomes supremely powerful. Obviously experienced lovers who trust each other completely and consent in advance are the only ones who should ever attempt this sort of play. Always play safe.

How To

Choking is something that many approach with trepidation. Always have a safe word and safe motion, since the person might not be able to talk. Many use the wrestling move in which the person taps out when they are done. When choking someone, you may wrap your hands around their neck. Start lightly, and then press harder. Most people like it better when you press on the sides, which actually restrict the blood flow, as opposed to pressing in the middle, which restricts the windpipe. This is because what many actually respond to sexually is the euphoric feeling when blood is slowed down to the brain and while still very dangerous, these kinds of chokes are less dangerous than air restrictions. If you are going to use a rope or belt, make sure you tie it in such a way that the tie itself does not become tighter at all. You want to be in full control of the tension with your hand, and you want the tie to loosen as soon as you let go or stop putting tension on it. Safety is of the utmost importance.

Safety Comes First

Choking is not the safest sexual play, but it feels so good that lots of people do it anyways. When you do engage in choking, not only is there a risk of the person passing out, but there is also a risk of heart attack after a choking session, especially if the person has high blood pressure or is at risk for cardiovascular disease in the first place. Never do choking by yourself because if you pass out, it may be lights out for you permanently. As you can see, this is a controversial way to play, and you have to make your own decisions about it with your partner carefully. Keep in mind repeated chokes can also have a cumulative effect similar to concussions, so you may want to consult your doctor for more information before grabbing a bitch by the throat and choking her into a complete sense of euphoric submission.

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