“Insanity is relative. It depends on who has who locked in what cage.”

-Ray Bradbury


Some people have a fetish for being stuffed into tiny spaces like cages that would keep them locked up for a long period of time. Others like a little more room to move around in a space like a locked closet that would not be opened for a while. This fetish is the opposite of claustrophobia and it is quite an interesting one for those who love it. It’s not necessarily about sex, and it’s more about having good bondage and enjoying tight bondage and spaces.


If you want to try confinement or cages, you must first establish a safeword with your partner. You must always give them a way to get out if they really want to! Then start with big spaces. Lock them in the closet for an hour and see how they like it. Then try a crate that has been meant for a pet to find out if they enjoy that. Those who are more experienced practitioners enjoy sleep sacks, which are tight bondage implements that cover a person’s body from head to toe in latex or leather.

Be Safe

Whenever you are doing confinement, especially for long terms, you need to make sure your sub has a way of drinking plenty of water and even eating some food if possible. You should also make sure they have a way of letting you know what is going on and you should check in with them at least once per hour, especially if you are doing more extreme bondage fun. Confinement can be really fun and hot but remember, it’s more of a head-trip than anything else, so have fun with it but take care of your precious bottoms. It’s nice to have toys but not so nice to break them.

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