Breast Torment

“Girls have got balls. They’re just a little higher up, that’s all.”

-Joan Jett


Tits can be pretty much any shape or size, and they all have different qualities to them. Some of them are big and pendulous, sagging low on the body. Others are small and tight, hanging close to the chest. Either way, they are just begging for someone to torment them! Breast torment can encompass a large number of activities in the sphere of BSDM. There is bondage, of course, and lots of different clips, clamps and implements that can be used to make the breasts feel the cleansing pain some deserve.

Breast Bondage

When someone has bigger breasts, it is easy to tie them up; at least that’s what the people who are into breast play believe! Many like to tie them up tight, wrapping thin rope or cord around them until they look like torpedoes. This is a great form of play that can feel really good as the throbbing sensation sets in and when the pressure is released as the ropes are removed. You should be careful when combining impact play with this type of bondage since blood is trapped in the breasts, and those big tits will turn a dark purple causing even darker bruises that last for a long time – so it’s easy to accidentally go overboard when trying breast torment for this first time. Much like the balls, the breasts should only be tied up in this manner for short periods of time to avoid complications from circulation failure.

Don’t Try This At Home

It is possible for some women to actually be suspended by their breasts, if they have the right consistency, size, shape and texture. This must be done in a safe environment with experienced players, and there should be plenty of people nearby to help with safety. It is a dangerous activity to suspend someone from their breasts, but there are also bondage positions that put some pressure on the breasts which make it more of a reasonable predicament to put someone in as you practice. Start slow and simple, if you want to gradually become an expert without damaging your partner and your reputation during the inevitable learning process.

Lactation And Loss

Be particularly careful with anyone who is lactating as engorged breasts react differently. Also keep hormonal changes in mind during times of menses or menopause. One final important thought deals with people who have had a mastectomy to remove one or both breasts. Breast play with mastectomy survivors can be an extremely emotional and cathartic experience but needs to be done with a fair amount of preparation and aftercare in your planning.

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