“The human body is the best work of art.”

-Jess C. Scott


A body stocking is a piece of clothing that is all one piece. It covers the body from the torso and legs, and sometimes the arms too. It can be a tank top bodysuit, or with short sleeves or long sleeves. They are usually made of see-through material similar to what stockings are made of. As such there are nude colored bodystockings, fishnet material ones and other types of bodysuits to suit any interest and go with any frame. They are generally considered to be a part of sexual attire, but some ladies like to wear them to keep their tights from falling down during the day!

How Do You Even Put This Thing On?

With a body stocking, you might be wondering how to put it on, because it is made of a delicate material and supposed to cover your whole body. Well, the answer is pretty simple. You put it on very much like you would put on a pair of stockings. You roll down the torso part and scrunch up the leg you are about to stick in. Do that for both legs, and when those are in, just pull up the torso part, put the straps or sleeves on and you should be ready. It’s a stretchy material which makes the whole process easier. If you have to go to the bathroom, you will be glad to know that they make crotchless bodystockings too!

Why It’s Sexy

A bodystocking is sexy because it is usually somewhat transparent, so it pretty much allows you to see everything underneath. People who have a fetish for certain materials like nylons or fishnets will love a body stocking even more, because it is made from those materials. They can basically be encased in it, or see their beautiful lover or sex partner covered by their fetishized materials.

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