Black Hair

“Black hair, angelic face, devil eyes.”

-Ilona Andrews


Black hair color is the darkest hair color there is. It is actually the most common hair color to have because many different cultures have it as their predominant trait for hair color. Some girls might have brown hair that is so dark you can mistake it for black, but if you look closely you will see that there is actually a difference. There aren’t too many variations in black hair color but some call hair jet black or soft black, referring to shades of darkness. Some scientists believe that black hair was the original hair color of all humans, and anything else is a genetic variation.

Black Hair Pornstars & Celebrities

If you have a fetish for people with black hair, you will certainly want to know who to watch online. Beautiful Kim Kardashian has been rocking a black hairstyle for a while, but she has been known to change it up with a dye job once in a while. Celebrities like Megan Fox and Dita Von Teese also have black hair most of the time. As for pornstars who rock a dark-headed look, you will definitely want to check out Kristina Rose, the girl with an LA face and an Oakland booty, and India Summer, a MILF with an all-natural body. Many black or Asian pornstars also keep their natural black hair.

Stereotypes About Black Hair

Compared to blondes, girls with black hair are considered to be smarter. No one really knows if that is true or not, but simply the perception could make a big difference. Some dark haired girls find that if they change their hair over to blonde, there is a big change in how people treat them! Girls with black hair are also considered to be more serious and less fun-loving, though you should keep in mind that as with any stereotype, this really depends on the person.

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