“Blasphemy is an epithet bestowed by superstition upon common sense.”

-Robert Green Ingersoll


Blasphemy, as a kink, involves taking the Judeo-Christian God’s name in vain or other forms of sacrilegious behavior, as means of becoming aroused sexually. This can be accomplished with multiple forms of blasphemous behavior, and is commonly associated with acts of blasphemy being performed during sexual intercourse.

The Fetish

People that become aroused by blasphemous behavior accomplish it with various types of blasphemy. Often, one or both of the parties involved in the blasphemy kink will wear attire associated with the religion being blasphemed. Commonly priest and nun attire are utilized. A common enactment of this kink can involve someone dressed as a priest taking someone’s confession, which then turns into the performance of different sexual acts as a form of penance. Taking communion can involve an inserted phallus in place of a wafer, or bodily fluids in place of wine, and there are many ways to perform this kink through forms of consented punishment.

What To Do

Though this may seem like a taboo that’s hard to bring up to people due to the delicate feelings some may have around religion, there are many groups dedicated to this kink. There are online communities that are based around this fetish, and access to them is easy through a number of kink-dedicated sites. Costumes are readily available through a number of costume sites online, to meet any of your needs to fulfill this kink by dressing up as different religious figures. A number of fellow kinksters will gladly engage with you in your blasphemy kink, but just be aware that performing any acts of sacrilegious sexiness on private grounds dedicated to religion, such as churches, is still highly illegal and will end in fines and/or jail if you are caught.

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