“The bikini is the most important thing since the atom bomb.”

-Diana Vreeland


A bikini is a garment that is worn, mainly by women, at the beach. It’s a form of bathing suit that is really nothing more than a bra and panties (and sometimes hardly even that) that is made of a material that withstands getting wet. If you like to watch chicks in bikinis, a day at the beach is probably somewhere in your near future. If you don’t live near the ocean, there is probably a body of water near to you or at the very least a pool that will give you plenty to stare at.

Bikini Bodies

In our culture, usually only the most fit women are truly confident enough to wear a bikini. Most pornstars and models have these bodies. They fit perfectly into the skimpy tops and barely there bottoms. But people of all sizes can wear bikinis and look awesome in them too. A bikini shouldn’t be limited to those who are conventionally beautiful because there are all sorts of different ways to be beautiful – there is truly no such thing as a bikini body. Despite that, a lot of women spend tons of time at the gym in the springtime getting ready for their bikini time in the summer.


There are many different variations on the bikini, because it is such a popular fashion choice. There is the microkini, which is a teeny tiny bikini that only covers the most essential bits like the nipples and the pussy. They basically keep the person wearing them within the legal limit of skin covered. There is also the more modest tankini which sees a woman wearing a tank top with bathing suit bottoms. There are bikinis with bandeau tops and others that have skirt bottoms. The point is, if you want to see a chick half naked at the beach, you’ll be able to.

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