“Those who want to get wet need no umbrella!”

-Mehmet Murat ildan


Wetlook (or wet look) is an interesting fetish where you like to see people wearing clothes get wet, or you like to see people walking around in soaking wet clothes. It often involves washing, soap suds and other cleaning-themed activities like car washes as well. For many, cleanliness and wetness are sexual attributes of this fetish, but for others it is only about the sensations felt while wearing wet clothes themselves and not necessarily sexual. Or they might like the way it looks enough to get off just from seeing a woman washing her hair, or a bikini beauty climbing up out of her swimming pool.

Wetlook Is A Style

If you are having visions of freezing cold people shivering in their clothes while wet, you can easily change your perspective of this hot fetish. Many people enjoy wetlook because when wet, clothes cling to the body and become slightly see through. This makes those wearing the clothes more vulnerable, as anyone can see exactly what they were trying to hide underneath their layers. It’s super easy to fulfill, as people can get wet in their own homes while wearing clothes. Take a shower; hop in the bath or even dump a bucket of water over your head.

Wet T-Shirt Contests

You have probably heard of the popular spring break phenomenon known as wet t-shirt contests. This is where hot babes wear white tank tops and then get sprayed down with a hose, which turns the tank into a see through garment that is basically useless. When the chicks have nice breasts, it gives it a nice effect. If you’ve enjoyed a wet t-shirt contest, you have already enjoyed the wetlook fetish and didn’t even know it. It’s really just that easy! Knowing that, it’s easy to understand why people like to see beautiful women and hot guys in full body outfits getting soaked.

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