“I give people a huge amount of rope, and then I hold them accountable for the rope.”

-Sergio Marchionne


Vincilagnia is a kink based around one person’s love of being tied up and at the mercy of the other person, or people, involved in the kink scene being created. It can also be considered a part of bondage fetish, which is an umbrella term that covers a number of other fetishes.

The Fetish

A typical vincilagnia scene involves letting yourself be tied up by one or more people and be subject to their whims until you have either uttered a safe-word to end the kink session, or the person in control is finished playing with you. Established boundaries ahead of time will allow for the best scene possible, giving each person involved a sense of safety around this intense fetish play.

Getting Tied Up

Finding a person to tie you up isn’t a hard thing, but it is important that you build a bond of trust, or have other people around that you trust, to make sure you are being safe. Once either of those things have been established, set up a safe-word to end the session, so that you are not put into an uncomfortable position for longer than your body can tolerate.
There are a number of ways a person can be tied up to fit the nature of this kink. Whether you are into the use of rope, chains, duct tape, or any other form of being tied up, you’ll be able to pursue your kink with a large number of interested parties. If you are going to be restrained for an extended period of time, make sure to pay attention to how your limbs feel, so that your restraints can be tightened or loosened accordingly.

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