Virgin / Defloration

“I lost my virginity when I was 14, and I haven’t been able to find it since.”

-David Duchovny


A virgin or defloration fetish is based around the desire to have sex with someone for their first time, otherwise known as taking their virginity.

Defloration Fetish

Enacting the fetish of defloration is fairly uncommon in the world of adult entertainment due to the fact that there aren’t that many virgins participating in the adult industry. It is something that can be achieved through finding adult partners that are going to be inexperienced, but willing to learn from someone that has learned much more sexually. Commonly this is going to involve a lot more work to find, although it may be accomplished more easily if dating a person of legal age from a religious background but with looser sensibilities around the edicts of their religion. There are films that supposedly feature defloration, but most often they are not being quite as truthful about the sexual experience of their actors. This fetish deals with ideas of being the first to have someone, making it a special experience that will always be remembered by the virgin involved.

How To Find A Virgin

If you are looking to find a virgin to enact this with, you may have to search a bit. Being a virgin tends to be fairly uncommon amongst those of age to legally have sex, unless they are religious, or possibly asexual. It’s still possible though to find those that want to engage in sex, that just haven’t found the right partner yet or are also looking for more serious commitment. Chatrooms or online groups can be used to try and find partners that might fit the parameters you’re looking for. If you are a virgin that is looking for a more experienced partner that will treat you respectfully, then searching on kink sites might be a good way for you to vet someone you want to engage with for your first experience. Finding a person to fit your virgin fetish will definitely be a one-off experience, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. You may find a very meaningful relationship with someone that wants to have their first time experience, or just wants to lose their virginity.

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