“Soldiers could fight in leotards, but that’s never going to happen because leotards aren’t intimidating.”

-Erin McKean


The uniform fetish, extremely present in, but not limited to, gay communities, has to do with how sexy different types of uniforms look on people. Those who enjoy uniforms like all different types of get ups. Some prefer military style looks from platoons present and past. Others enjoy firefighter outfits, police uniforms and the gear of authority figures. The uniform fetishes for women tend to be more feminine, with French maids and cheerleader uniforms being the top choices, though anyone can truly wear any uniform they feel sexy in. A lot of the uniform fetish has to do with figures of authority, and some get off on feeling like they are in charge in an official military uniform.


Some uniform fetishists who are into wearing the actual uniforms will go to great lengths to secure authentic pieces for their uniforms that they wear for sexual play. They scour online auction sites, hoping for the exact right piece to come along, checking the year it is from and the provenance, to make sure it goes with the other pieces of their costume. Others aren’t so anal about it, and are ok with pieces purchased at second hand stores or even cheap reproductions from costume shops.

Uniform Play Isn’t Cosplay

There are two key differences. First, Cosplay is far more about fictional costumes while uniform play is almost always rooted in reality. Second, and even more important, cosplay is individualized. With participants trying to share a fantasy about a unique character. Uniform play is much more about the organization than the individual. For example, someone wearing a flight attendant uniform is not trying to emulate a specific flight attendant the way someone wearing a wonder woman cosplay costume is trying to portray that unique individual. Instead, a uniform play flight attendant is trying to share in the fantasy of fucking a random flight attendant, or all flight attendants for that matter.

Role Play

You don’t have to get that thousand dollar authentic World War II fighter pilot uniform you saw online to participate in uniform play. You can actually start with some hot role play when you are completely naked. Part of what people like about uniforms is that it allows the players to step into different roles, so get started with a hot military commander, a naughty police officer or even a doctor who examines those down under places. If you and your partner get into the role-play, head to the local army/navy supply to get some uniform pieces and have more intense and sexy role-play action.

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