“Cut the ending. Revise the script. The man of her dreams is a girl.”

-Julie Ann Peters


Tribbing is something that can only happen between two people with pussies. It is defined as two girls rubbing their pussies together, but in a different way than scissoring which is what people always talk about when they talk about lesbians. Basically one girl lies on top of the other one, and they hump each other to stimulate their pussies with sexual effort. It is hot to watch and it is a lot of fun to do for the girls themselves.

Tribbing Tips

Most people suggest that tribbing feels better when both girls have shaved their pussies, because it allows more sensation to pass through. Since you might get wet and hot when you try tribbing, make sure you and your partner have talked about your testing status beforehand since fluid exchange can occur. Other tips include trying different positions and orientations until you find the one that feels the best for both pussies involved in the hotness. Many people can actually come this way, but some girls need more direct stimulation.

Tribbing Origins

The term tribbing sounds like something that might be from another planet, but the word actually comes from the term tribadism, which has its origins in the Greek word, tribas. This is a term that means a woman who has sex with herself or another girl, so it’s clear why they chose this one! Back in Greek and Roman times, they didn’t believe women could be into each other because they thought same sex attraction required a cock, so they used to imagine that lesbians has clits big enough to be cocks. That’s why they rubbed them together! Since then, tribadism has been the primary way to describe lesbians throughout history until fairly recently in comparison.

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