Tan Lines

“I’m actually more confident when I’m tan.”

-Shanina Shaik


Doesn’t a chick look like the picture of health when she is sun kissed and tan? Perhaps that is why some people have an actual fetish for girls who like to go to tanning beds or simply sit out under the sun to get their skin darker. There are also those who enjoy girls who leave their bathing suits on to get tan lines that leave certain parts of their bodies a bit tanner than others. It’s a pretty usual fetish, but it’s one that does have a dark side, as exposure to too much sunlight can lead to disease and damaged skin.

Entering The Bronze Age

If you really want to explore the tan line fetish, you can do so in a safe way by doing spray tans, of which there are many different varieties. Of course getting a little sun kissed isn’t too bad, and might even be healthy, but it is better to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays. Just wear your favorite bathing suit to the tanning salon, and wait for the lines to appear. Some people also like to put cute stickers on themselves to that they will have star or bunny shaped tan lines when the procedure is over. It is important to note that tanning fetish goes any which way. Guys love tan girls, girls love tan guys, and LGBT people love tan versions of whomever they are interested in!

Play Safe In The Surf

If you do choose to go the all-natural route, there are some things you can do to stay safe and protect your skin from the sun, which has been proven to cause cancer, especially in pale people. First of all, always wear sunscreen. Some people think that SPF 50 is the one you need to use, but SPF 30 will probably be ok. Read the directions on your sunscreen to know when to reapply. If you do end up getting too tan or a burn, get some aloe Vera to put on it to make it heal faster. Happy tanning!

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