“The car crash is a fertilizing rather than a destructive event.”

-Vaughan in The Movie Crash


Symphorophilia is a fetish that is actually more common than you think it might be, though it is still fairly rare. It is all about people who get off on disasters, commonly, car crashes. For some, watching an adverse event on the news is enough to send them into sexual convulsions that result in the ultimate pleasure – orgasm – but for others, they actually try to coordinate their involvement in accidents, which can lead to the ultimate end – death. This is a fetish that can be as harmless as watching TV, or one of the most dangerous things ever.

Why People Like It

Think of it. In an emergency your heart races, your body kicks into high gear and the adrenaline starts to pump. You may develop super human strength or find the will to live that you’ve never felt before. It makes sense that some people would associate these incredible events with sexuality, which often causes similar symptoms like a pounding heart and heightened senses. However, for some, it’s more about the mystery of what will happen in a planned accident that gives them the sexual thrill.

Save It For Virtual Reality

Obviously, it’s really dangerous to put others at risk to satisfy your fetish, and it’s selfish too. Other people could get seriously hurt if you plan a car crash, including your sex partner. Do not plan dangerous acts that will affect other people! If you want to fantasize you can use dirty talk to speak out your fantasies, or even watch movies online of crashes or fires, but making your fantasies into reality would just be irresponsible. Don’t put other people in danger just to fulfill your sexual desires when there are so many ways to get your kicks otherwise. Fortunately entire waves of Virtual Reality porn devices are becoming available and are a perfect outlet for these sorts of sexual antics!

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