“If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane.”

-Robert Frost


Tickling is something that most people have done at least once in their lives in a non-sexual manner. It’s when you make someone giggle by lightly stroking them, especially in the armpits or on the bottoms of the feet. Some people like to get tickled more roughly, with the fingers really digging into their most sensitive spots. Many who are into tickling as a sexual fetish enjoy seeing someone laughing and helpless, and love to use implements to further their happy desires. At first people think this is a strange fetish activity, but once they try it, they understand why there are a lot of fetishists for tickling out there. It’s nice to see someone smiling and laughing, and it’s also hot to see them struggling in a vulnerable moment.

How to Tickle for Sex

If tickling is your fetish then you should know that many people like to restrain their tickling subs with cuffs or rope to keep their most sensitive spots completely exposed and unable to be hidden. That way they can rub them and caress them, making them giggle for as long as they want, without the sub squirming around too much. If you get tired of using your hands, there are implements that people love to use to tickle including feathers, which are a favorite of tickling fetishists and other sensation toys. There are things called claws which you can wear on the tips of your fingers which add a nice sensation, and there are also soft toys like furs and light floggers which can be fun for tickling fetishists.

The Extreme Tickler

Some who love sexual tickling will not be satisfied until their tickling bottom wets themselves, which is a common occurrence when someone has been tickled to the brink. Whichever way you plan on playing, with tickling it’s important to implement a safe word because the person may be begging you to stop, but they really want the fun to continue, or they may be begging to stop for real safety reasons. The safe word should be something that you wouldn’t normally blurt out in the middle of a tickling session like “pineapple” or “Alabama.” When doing more extreme tickling play, such as having a group of people tickle one person, you should also monitor the person’s respiratory functions, since it’s easy to get out of breath and avoid using any obstruction like a ball gag unless you are very experienced and ready to take such a bold step together.

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