“Brazilian women are happy with ourselves, no matter what shape we are.”

-Lais Ribiero


Brazilians are known for being super hot, happy and fun loving. They definitely have a party culture and they are also known for having the most beautiful women around. According to Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima, this is because Brazilian women are taught to take care of themselves early on in their lives, so they know how to stay beautiful for longer than other cultures. They wear tiny bikinis and have no shame about doing the dirtiest things on camera, which is why Brazilian porn is so popular. Brazilians are considered Latinas most of the time, and they are known for having hot round asses!

Famous Brazilians

There are a ton of famous Brazilians who are known for their beauty all around the world. Of course supermodels Adriana Lima and Gisele Bundchen are perhaps the most well known, but we can’t forget about the numerous Brazilian pornstars who grace our screens with their sexy presence. There is Abby Lee Brazil, who used her home country as her last name so you would know just where she gets her fantastic genetics from. Squirting MILF Sheila Marie also has her origins in Brazil, as does blonde cutie Juelz Ventura.

Finding Brazilians

If you want to find a Brazilian, there are online dating sites that exist just for that. Seek one out and set up your profile! The girls on there won’t mind dating a non-Brazilian, because they know everyone appreciates their extreme sexiness and amazing nature. But the surest place to find hot Brazilians to watch is in your favorite spicy porn, starring Latina sweethearts who love to show off their hot round asses and beautiful bodies.

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