Breath Play

“Remember to breathe. It is after all, the secret of life.”

-Gregory McGuire


Breath play is actually something that a lot of people do behind closed doors in the bedroom. There are many forms of this type of play and some of them are kinkier and some are more regular. Breath play spans from having your lover cover your mouth and nose with their hands, having them cover your mouth and nose with their mouth and breathing with you, or having them shove their cock down your throat, cutting off the air. There is also the more dangerous act of having some type of ligature placed around the neck as part of breath play, or having your partner use their hands. This is an intimate act that should only be performed with someone you trust.

Safety first

Breath play can be done very safely, contrary to popular belief. The safest forms of breath play are using your hands or an easy to remove object over someone’s mouth or face. This is best because at the first sign of any real distress, you can just take the object away and check in with the person. You can also do the classic hands around the neck. Only press on the sides, as it will be more uncomfortable if you press in the middle and could make the person cough, ruining the sexy moments. If you want to get into bondage, this is a more dangerous territory.

Always have any neck bondage separate from the rest of the tie and easy to release should anything go awry. In addition, always have scissors handy to cut the rope. It’s really not recommended to try this type of bondage, but people are probably going to do it anyways since it’s really popular, so you might as well have all the safety facts. You should never try to do breath play by yourself! You also need to have a safe word and a safety motion like putting one finger up in the air so the person can let you know if it’s too much and they can’t talk.

Take My Breath Away

It’s quite normal to like choking during sex, even though people with these desires often think they are extreme. People like to get choked because it’s part of power play. It makes the person on the bottom feel vulnerable, and from a biological perspective, there is a big head rush that adds so much physical sensation to the already sexy time. If you want to try choking, there’s nothing wrong with you; in fact, you’d be just like the majority of people who’ve already added it to their sexual repertoire.

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