“Ya can’t go to Zion and wear Jheri Curl.”

-Damien Marley


Dreadlocks are a hairstyle that is traditionally worn by people of African descent, but others have worn the style in modern culture. It is a hairstyle that is formed by matting, twisting or backcombing the hair so that it forms thick pieces of hair. In some cultures this hairstyle is ceremonial, with Hindu holy men often wearing their hair in this style, and those who follow the Rastafarian way of thinking also wear them for religious reasons. They are often called locs or dreads, and when it comes to pornstars, often worn by hippy chicks or black girls. It’s actually a wrong rumor that dreadlocks are dirty. They actually take a lot to keep up!


Dreads are actually kind of controversial, at least when they are worn by white people. Some people feel that this is a form of cultural appropriation, as it is a style traditionally worn by black people and other people of color. Still others feel that people should be able to wear their hair however they want and it’s just a hairstyle. Whatever you believe, if you’re planning on changing your hair into dreads, you should make yourself aware of the controversy that might follow you wherever you go.

Sexy Dreads

If you like hot girls in dreadlocks then you might have a hard time finding them. They are few and far between for the most part. However, if you try specific dating sites for black girls or hippy chicks, you might have better luck in finding them. You can also watch dreadlock specific porn that stars babes who have this hairstyle. Of course you can also ask your sweetie if they’d be willing to indulge your fantasies and change their hair too! Get your freak on with hippie babes and other types of cuties who have this unique hairstyle.

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