“A beloved dolls voice speaks directly to your soul in a way that cannot be explained in words.”

-Gayle Wray


Dollification is a very specific fetish in which someone has the desire to be turned into nothing more than a doll. It has a lot to do with objectification, and it somewhat related to the fetish of bimbofication. To complete this fetish, many cover themselves head to toe in rubber or other materials, including a hood or mask to hide their face and give them doll-like features. In this scenario, the submissive plays the role of the doll, and the Dominant usually cares for the doll in scenes, and may give orders or position the doll, depending on what type of doll they are playing as.

Extreme Dolls

Some people want to be as close to a living doll as possible so badly that they will go to great lengths to adjust their bodies to fit their view of what a doll should be like. They get breast implants to achieve fantasy proportions, and may even have surgery to remove their nipples or belly button. Sissy dolls (guys who want to be girl dolls) sometimes take hormones to improve their feminine figures and demeanors. Others do more common procedures like laser hair removal or microdermabrasion to give their skin a more doll-like appearance.

Dolls for Beginners

If you’re just getting interested in doll play, you don’t have to try all of those extreme body-modifying measures. Many players believe that dollification is more a mindset than anything. Trying a little role-play in the bedroom can be pretty hot. Turn your sub into your little doll for the evening. You get to dress them up and pose them, and do all the naughty things you want to them. As a couple you can decide what type of doll they would like to be whether it is a fashion doll, a robotic doll, or any other type of toy that you might have enjoyed looking at in the past. As you see, dolls can be more than just toys, but the very best dolls are the real people wiling to accept their objectification so that they can serve as fully functional manifestations of sexual ingenuity in ways that operating systems, artificial intelligence or robotics current can not – though one day this freak fetish very well may lead to an era where other people are no longer necessary for the most intimate forms of sexual expression!

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