“I have to say I’m all for public flogging.”

-Ann Coulter


Flogging originated as a punishment in olden days and back then it was not so nice. Some countries still use it as a punishment but they aren’t considered very forward thinking at all. It involves taking the instrument known as a flogger and hitting someone with it. The ones that are made for consensual BDSM play are actually quite pleasant and many people liken a flogging to a spa treatment or a massage, though it can still get into the painful territory. Many find flogging to be a cathartic experience that can lead to emotional release, which they find helpful in the context of a sexual scene.


There are all different sorts of floggers and they can be made out of many different types of materials. There are plastic ones that are pretty painful, leather ones that are soft and leave a serious thud, or fake leather ones that try to emulate the same feeling. There are floggers made of shoelaces and others made of metal chains. The main thing is that each one has a different sensation. When you have a chance to try them in the store, you should ask the person who works there what the sensation is like to give you an idea of the intensity involved. Always use a flogger on a test item before using it on a person. A melon or a piece of meat are common choices because they allows you to gauge the impact without having to use your sub as a test subject.

Learning To Flog Right

There are also many ways to learn flogging, or flagellation as it was called when it was used for traditional forms of punishment. Some people like to do Florentine flogging, which is when you use two of them at the same time, and swing them in a methodical manner. Others simply use one flogger on the back and ass of a person. You should try to avoid the lower back and anywhere that has soft organs that might get damaged by hitting them too hard. Be careful, have fun and ALWAYS STOP immediately if a safeword or signal is used.

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