“Blessed are the flexible for they will not be bent out of shape.”

-Michael McGriffy, MD


Flexibility is a highly desirable trait in a sex partner because they will be able to do outrageous sexual positions like putting their legs behind their head or getting fucked in a full split. Girls who are flexible and get into porn are usually pretty successful, and it doesn’t hurt that they are usually former gymnasts or cheerleaders. Flexibility is certainly a sign of health and vitality, and the most flexible girls are usually the ones between the ages of 18 and 22, college cuties who have been working on their limbs through sports for a long while.

Flexible Pornstars

If you want to see a flexible chick in some porn movies, all you have to do is check out girls who are known to be very limber. Sensi Pearl is a girl who doesn’t make porn movies any longer, but when she did, she was very flexible due to her training as a dancer. She could move into any position to make any kind of dream sex possible. Luckily there are still plenty of flexible porn of her out there. Madison Scott is another girl who was very flexible during her time in the biz due to her experience with dancing. She can be seen posing in many strenuous positions! There is also Mia Malkova who is so flexible she can get fucked in yoga poses!

How to Become Flexible

If you’re not flexible right now, don’t despair, there are things you can do to become more flexible. Of course you can just do some basic stretching to get your muscles to loosen up, but if you want to do something more formal, yoga is a great practice to stretch out your limbs and get them to go into outrageous positions. It does take a lot of work and time, but it can definitely help to make you looser for the bedroom.

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