“Conversation is the sexiest foreplay, the perfect prelude to sex, the fiery banter that gets you heated, the stimulation of the mind that transmits to the body.”

-Zara Barrie


Foreplay is something that should be a part of every sexual interaction. It is what happens when you tease and tantalize your partner before you have actual penetrative sex. Some people would argue that foreplay is more important than actual penetrative sex, if you believe that the journey is more important than the destination. Sex that just goes straight to the fucking isn’t always as good. Sometimes if a pussy is involved the slit isn’t lubed up quite enough and the cock isn’t quite hard enough, but foreplay can help to get you there.

Foreplay Ideas

Foreplay can literally include just about anything. Blowjobs and pussy licking can be considered foreplay if it happens before the fucking occurs. However, role-play, dressing up, snuggling, dirty talk and phone sex can all be a part of foreplay. Foreplay, as the word would suggest is anything that happens before the sex. Foreplay is often the bulk of the sexual experience because some people cum quickly after such hot activities have taken place. Foreplay is basically when you are getting your partner revved up for the big affair.

Is Foreplay A Requirement?

There is a theory going around that foreplay is actually a requirement for women. Some people think that they need some extra playtime in order to have good orgasms. Most people believe that if you give a woman a little foreplay, that then when you try to actually make her cum, it will happen much faster. This is because for women arousal and orgasms are more psychological than it is for men, and the foreplay helps them really drop down into that pleasure center.

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