“I like threesomes with two women, because I’m looking for “The One” And I’ll find her more quickly if I audition two at a time.”

-Russell Brand


GGG is a term that was developed by sex blogger and advice columnist Dan Savage. It stands for Good, Giving and Game. Describing the ideal way to be in a sexy relationship. Good stands for essentially good in bed. Of course you will have to work to find the partner that fills this quota since everyone has different things that they like. Giving means that each partner gets equal amounts of time devoted to pleasure. Game means that you are down for a lot of different things and are open to trying things other people might not be.

What Does it Really Mean Though?

GGG really means that you’re not the kind of guy who expects that your gal is going to suck your dick for a half hour, then you’re going to fuck her and that’s it, rinse and repeat boredom. Someone who is GGG would fuck that girl good and then lick her out and get her to cum a bunch of times before spewing cum all over her face. GGG doesn’t mean that you’ll take your gal to a swinger party because you want to get more pussy, it means that you take the time as a couple to discuss opening up the relationship and decide to go to a party together to have a sexy and fun time together with others. Why you do things matters as much as what you do.

GGG May Not Be Freaky Enough For You

For true freaks, some have come to realize that GGG has often come to mean that a person is horny but not necessarily kinky. They like to have sex and they like to do sexy things but they do not have a natural knack for the things that are kinky. If you are looking for a true freak, someone who describes themselves as GGG might not be the freaky person you’re searching for – so keep looking!

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