“The only way to write honestly about the scene is to be part of it.”

-Hunter S. Thompson


Gonzo is a type of porn that gets right down to the action, and it does its best to place the person watching the porn in the action using techniques like point of view perspective. The name is taken from the term Gonzo Journalism, in which a journalist reports on events that they are actually a part of. A lot of gonzo films are shot by the guy doing the fucking of a hot pussy, and many of them are amateur style movies with shaky cameras, rapid and messy crossfades and plenty of hotness to go around.


Gonzo porn has had a long and vibrant history. Pretty much every pornstar has been in a porn movie that could be considered gonzo, even if it wasn’t labeled as such. Movies that are unscripted and have no storyline for pornstars to jumble up are also considered gonzo. They get straight to the best parts and don’t make you wait for some silly stuff to happen before the cocks and pussies get satisfaction. The originator of gonzo porn is considered to be John Stagliano AKA Buttman. He started shooting sex-only movies at a time when people thought all pornos had to have a story line.

Popular Directors

If you are interested in learning more about gonzo porn and checking some out, then you should know some of the best directors of the genre. Of course there is John Stagliano, but in his more recent work he has taken to elaborate storylines that would be appropriate for your favorite TV show. There is also Belladonna, who is now a retired pornstar but was once a fabulous fucker as well as a well known director of gonzo smut. Pierre Woodman is a French guy who loves the gonzo style, and Manuel Ferrara is more than just a legendary cock – he is also a great director of smut that gets straight to the point.

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