“Pubic Hair is no substitute for wit.”

-JB Priestley


It’s only natural that someone has hair down there, however, in the past few decades the style has been that people would shave their pussies until they were free of hair. In recent years, people have even been using lasers to remove hair from their pussy permanently. However, some freaks love a good thick longhaired muff, especially when it is accompanied by a full stash of hair in the armpits and perhaps some leg hair as well on a lady. Hairy people are more free and they are just more accepting of who they are. Scents and flavors get trapped more easily in these hairy hideaways!

Finding a Hairy Lady

How do you find the hairy lady of your dreams? Well, there are actually online dating sites that cater to this specific niche. The only ladies allowed on them are the ones who don’t shave their snatches or their pits. They have to have a certain level of hairiness to be considered. Have yourself a blast browsing their profiles and get to know the one you like the most. You can also look at hairy girl porn, of which there is plenty. Fetish sites dedicated to hairy chicks do a very good job of finding the hottest ones.

Convincing Your Gal to Go Hairy

When you have a fetish for other people being hairy, it can be hard to convince them that stopping shaving is a good idea. However, if you just bring it up with a partner they will probably be open to it since people love to pleasure their partners and a lot of people get off more just knowing that you find something sexy. And, it’s not like they will have to do something that is a big chore, they will simply have to stop shaving that is one less thing to take care of in the shower or bath! They will probably love it.

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