Greek Sex

“It takes a lifetime for someone to discover Greece but only an instant to fall in love with her.”

-Henry Miller


Greek sex is another way to say anal sex. How did this culture come to be known for anal sex? Well, the Ancient Greeks were quite the homoerotic set. They loved to have anal sex with each other and they saw vaginal sex as more for being all about procreation. The guys were having big orgies and it was well documented. The ladies were not having as much fun but people suspect that they might have been, but it’s just not documented very well. Those vases from Ancient Greece that depict people playing leapfrog? Yeah, they’re actually fucking in the butt!

How to Be Like the Greeks

If you want to try anal sex, it’s very simple. Make sure to use lots and lots of lubrication and go pretty slow. You first should use a few fingers to open up the person’s hole and stretch them out a little bit before going for gold, whether that it with a cock or a dildo. Even with those toys, go slow and never fully push anything in too hard. Allow the person’s butt hole to open up around it slowly. If you push it in too hard then they might feel some pain and you will have to take it out and try again. Nothing wrong with that, but best to avoid any sort of discomfort in the first place.

It’s Not Gay

If you’re a guy and you’ve been afraid to try anal with your lady because you think butt stuff makes you gay then you need to change your attitude stat. Guys have a prostate which makes for some really fun anal stuff. Some guys can even come just from prostate stimulation. Even if it is a little bit homoerotic who cares? You’re having fun and getting off, which should be the primary goal for anything sexy!

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