“The problem with losing your anonymity is that you can never go back.”

-Marla Maples


A glory hole is usually a hole cut into a wall, traditionally a bathroom stall but it could really be anywhere, for the express purpose of someone getting their cock serviced completely anonymously. The opposite could also be true because a girl could press her own holes up toward the wall and have any stranger stick their cock in her. Those who have extreme desires to be objectified or who get off on not knowing anything about the people who have fucked them love gloryholes.

Anonymous Sex

There are other ways to have anonymous sex. Some people like to have gangbangs where everyone is someone from the Internet with the maiden of honor getting gangbanged while wearing a blindfold as all the people pound them. Some who enjoy one night stands actually like them because they are more anonymous and you don’t really know too much about the person before you pound them. Picking people up on a midnight prowl can be a thrill of power and an exercise in confidence, as can throwing them to the wayside the next day!

Protect Yourself

If you do find yourself using glory holes, make sure you always use protection. There is danger in anonymity because of STDs and the risk of pregnancy. Guys should always use a condom and glory hole use is safer at sex parties where people enjoy using good communication rather than truly random holes in bathroom walls at bus stops where homeless people can get off in your mouth without any form of protection at all. If you find yourself being gratified by anonymous sex frequently, then you should always make sure to get tested on a regular basis to know your own status. When the sex is truly anonymous, the responsibility of keeping everyone safe becomes a key part of the equation and requires responsible effort by all of the participants before play begins.

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