“My God, a moment of bliss.”

-Fyodor Dostoyevsky


The G-Spot is an anatomical spot on a woman that can give her a lot of pleasure. For many women it helps them to squirt, and finding the g-spot is a sexual revolution that brings them lots of pleasure. It stands for the Graffenburg spot, named for the German gynecologist who discovered it. It is actually controversial for some, because a lot of guys don’t even believe that it exists. However, the women who know how to make themselves cum hard know that it does in fact exist, but it might be different in every woman. Most people believe that it is connected to the bundle of nerves that make the clitoris so pleasurable.

How to Find It

If you want to give your girl a big orgasm, then you will find it pretty easily. All you have to do is stick your fingers in your chick’s hole. Usually the pointer and middle finger will do. Then you curl your fingers upwards until you feel a harder spot on the top of the vagina that feels a little spongy. This is usually the g-spot and when you hear your hottie shouting “YES right there!” then you will know you have found it. Don’t be surprised if she starts squirting because stimulating the g-spot helps a lot of women do just that.

G-Spot Toys

If you are a chick flying solo, or simply a guy who wants to give a girl some extra pleasure on the g-spot, there are special toys that can do just that. They are usually curved so that they can reach the perfect spot to touch in order to get that good orgasm, and some of them vibrate at the same time to give the g-spot that extra special buzz. If you’re dating a chick, you better believe the g-spot is real, and helping your girlfriend have g spot orgasms will win you major points in the sack.

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