“Everyone knows that even the best exorcism has to be renewed once in a while.”

-Tahir Shah


You have heard of an exorcism before… a religious figure getting demons and bad spirits out of someone’s soul. Have you also heard of a sexorcism? A parody of sorts that includes having sex with someone new as a method of getting that longing feeling toward your ex-girlfriend out of your soul. After a breakup it’s pretty common to have left over feelings for the person who was previously the object of your affection. You might want to go back to them, even if they are not good for you, because you had such a long relationship and comfortable sex. Fortunately a sexorcism can prevent you from going backward and help you move on with your life.

Finding Someone New

Finding someone for a sexorcism used to be really hard, but now with all of these dating and hook up apps it can be really easy. Sign up and swipe left or right to say whether or not you find someone attractive. Try to find someone seeking casual sex who looks similar to your ex, and retrain your brain by fucking a new partner and transferring your feelings from the old one.

Does it Work

It does work. The best way to get over a past lover, is to find one that looks remarkably similar and fucking her in ways the past lover would have rejected. When you find a new girl who looks like your exgirlfriend and get her to eat your ass even though your exgf never would, you’ll be amazed how quickly your cock forgets all about that girl who dumped you!

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