“Shame is a soul eating emotion.”

-Carl Jung

Sexual Shame

We are not talking about shame from a degrading humiliation sex play point of view. Here we are highlighting the strong sense of shame some freaks feel after enjoying the filthiest porn and doing the most freakish acts together. You find something outrageously hot, or try doing something to a girl that has never been done before, and the excitement of pioneering your own new kind of porn overwhelms your senses. Orgasm after orgasm as you blissfully scratch that psychic itch that has always existed in your soul… and then the sex stops, the fantasy is over and you think to yourself…what have I done?!

How Shame Amplifies Your Orgasms

Your jizz spews all over…. and suddenly you feel shame about being such a freak. Then you start to get turned on by that sense of shame itself! This can happen from watching porn, and with people who live out some of the more extreme fetishes that involve something your rational mind may consider to be gross even though your sexual libido loves every moment of it. Shame is a natural part of sex for many people, and for some freaks shame itself is the emotion that determines whether you have a meaningless orgasm, or the kind of deep and satisfying cathartic emotional release you crave.

Don’t Be Ashamed of Your Shame

If you feel shame, that’s completely normal. If you get off on that feeling, it’s freaky but definitely normal as well. It is a reaction to sexual pleasure in our puritanical society that sends us internal messages about sex in one form or another being really bad, over and over, even though sex in all its forms is the highest priority of every single species that has every existed. You don’t need to feel badly about enjoying yourself in a sexual manner and shame should never interfere with your sexual performance. If it does, seek likeminded people, share your shame with them, and learn to accept that fact that consenting adults are always intended to explore their world and their sexual proclivities together so that procreation remains an interesting process and our species is able to thrive. There is nothing more shameful than abstinence from a society and evolutionary perspective!

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