Labia Stretching

“The heart is capable of sacrifice, and so is the vagina.”

-Eve Ensler


Labia stretching is a sexual practice that is performed for a lot of different purposes. It involves stretching the labia out for any number of different reasons. Some people in certain African countries use labia stretching as a ceremonial sexual practice to enhance feeling and increase the possibility of squirting. Others simply do it because they enjoy body modification; while others do it to make sure that their labia are symmetrical.

Vagina Controversy

Labia stretching is actually a controversial practice because in some places where it is seen as mandatory, some worry that women feel like it is something they have to do in order to be seen as sexually desirable. However, others feel this isn’t much different than women who get plastic surgery in the Western world to increase their bust or trim down their waistline. In the West, women tend to prefer shorter labia, and even go through plastic surgery to make their labia small, short and neat, the way they imagine many pornstars have it. However, others believe that bigger labia mean more sexual satisfaction! Perhaps you’ll just have to experiment to find out.

Getting Kinky

If you want to try labia stretching as a sexual practice, you can have some fun. It is often done by BDSM couples, especially in ones where the male is dominant and a female is submissive. This can be achieved through a number of ways, but if you were just starting out, it would probably be fun to put some clips or clamps on the outer labia and then attach some weights to them. Then you can see how much weight her labia can take. More advanced couples get gauged piercings and things like that in the labia to stretch them.

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