Knife Play

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

-Franklin Delano Roosevelt


Knife play is a kind of fear play in which a trusted top takes a sharp blade and uses it on the submissive. It doesn’t really involve actually cutting the submissive, rather, it involves the fear of the blade, the sensations of the cool metal on the skin and the knowledge that the sub has to stay very, very still. In some scenes, the knife can be used to cut off the clothing, lightly scratch the skin, leaving quick fading white marks, or to peel off wax after a wax scene. Knife blades can be cooled off in the freezer or heated up to a certain degree for extra sensation.

Take Care

Knife play is a pretty safe activity if you are playing with a top who knows what they are doing. Of course trust is paramount and any sub should never do knife play with someone who is not trustworthy, and that includes people that you don’t know very well. If you’re doing temperature play with a knife, make sure that it is not so cold that it will stick to the skin, and that it is not so hot that it will burn. If you’re the top, you need to be aware that reactions to knife play can be very emotionally intense and the sub might require a lot of aftercare. It’s a form of play that is very intimate and scary, but rewarding in the right situation.

The Equipment

There are some kinky companies out there that make special knives that are just for sexual play. These have shiny blades, but the actual edge is a bit dull and the knife isn’t very pointy. Often times these knives are decorated in a ceremonious manner, which can add a fun aspect to the play. You don’t need to buy a special knife for knife play, as you can simply get a somewhat dull knife and play with it yourself. Having a special blade does add a nice element to any knife play session.

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