“Thunder is good, thunder is impressive; but it is lightning that does the work.”

-Mark Twain


Keraunophilia is an erotic fascination with thunder and lightning that may involve arousal caused by storms. For someone with this fetish, the crash of thunder and lightning often causes excitement. Keaunophilia also involves the desire to have sex with people, or pleasure yourself, during thunder and lightning storms, or a simulated version of the aforementioned activities.

Thunderous Pleasure

Arousal from lightning and thunder is not uncommon at all. Many people can remember the heated elemental passion that has been sparked during wild storms, and will be interested in recreating that with you. You may even look up storm-chasing forums to find fellow kinksters with a love of sex during wild storms. There are plenty of storm connoisseurs out there in the world, and engaging with them in a kinky fashion won’t be that terribly hard to do. Explore the level of interest your chat friends have in the elements in relation to passionate interactions, and then see if you can make a date for the next big storm that’s been predicted.

Don’t Play With Thunder

As a precaution, it’s good to remember that while thunder and lightning are extremely arousing, actually being out in a storm is very dangerous. Enjoy the primal energy of the elements from behind glass and walls, and you’ll be able to take in the passionate fury of a storm, without having to put your life at risk at the same time. If you do happen to brave the weather, and have a partner out there with you, then take a few precautions. Make sure that neither of you has any metal on your person, metals toys, or otherwise, and then wear boots with rubber in the soles, to give you some better protection against any electrical shocks. It’s going to be very risky if you do decide to venture outside for some kinky play, so stay away from any large bodies of water, pools, or hot tubs.

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