“Under certain circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer.”

-Mark Twain


Lalochezia is a sexual practice in which people feel good whenever they use verbal profanity. It isn’t always a sexual practice but it can be sexual because the person might say fuck repeatedly whenever they experience lalochezia. The true meaning of the term is simply experiencing an emotional release when you swear a lot. This can be sexual or platonic. Either way, swearing is fun and it lets off steam for a lot of people, but when freaks take talking dirty to the next level, that’s where the power of language is fully unleashed!

A History of Swearing

Swearing has been around for a while, probably since the invention of language itself. The actual word profanity means “outside of the temple,” so it started as any language that was for secular purposes, or simply language that wasn’t helpful to religious interests. Over time, it came to mean any swear word that was generally seen in poor favor. Most English swear words are Germanic in origins, while the technical terms for what the swears mean have Latin origins. This is probably because of the difference between the languages of the people and the languages of the educated elite back in the day.

Cursing During Sex

Most people have said some type of swear word during sex. It’s common to urge your partner to fuck you harder, or to call them a slut or a cunt. However, there really is such a thing as a swearing fetish. This could be when you get an erection whenever a hot girl swears around you, or when you get turned on from uttering the bad words themselves. Still others love to be degraded, being called swear words for fun during sex. They love being called a filthy slut, worthless whore or fuck bucket. As usual, it’s the taboo and rare nature of these words that make them so desirable in a sexy situation, and often the topics become even more freaky than the vocabulary people use to describe them.

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