“You’ve invaded my erotic dojo. For this your assholes will adorn my thunderous cock like jewelry!”

-Matt Fraction


Macrogenitalism is a fetish for very large genitals. Those with a macrogenitalism fetish typically seek out people with large genitals to be their sexual partners. The attraction to large genitals can be towards either women or men, though it is typically a preference for a large penis. 

Large Genitals Attraction

For people who are attracted to large genitals in men, they are typically looking for a much larger than normal penis size.  They may also be interested in unnaturally large sex toys. This is also called phallophilia. For people who are attracted to large genitals in women, macrogenitalism may include being desirous of prominent clitorises or large vulvas. Oftentimes people with this fetish will find themselves attracted to any oversized genitals, no matter if it’s a penis or a vagina.

Cock Worship

Cock worship has been a practice for thousands of years. Though it does not require a large penis, oftentimes the phallus sculptures could be quite big. We also see cocks in relief sculptures and paintings where a man is displaying a very large cock. The large cock has long been a symbol of male virility and power. 

Bigger Cock Bigger Pleasure

There is a myth that if someone has a bigger penis they will be able to deliver more sexual pleasure. This is not true. The size of a penis is not correlated to the amount of power it delivers. However, a person with a macrogenitalism fetish does derive extra pleasure from a large cock, both in the physical act of having intercourse with it and from the visual element as well.

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