“When a man opens a car door for his wife, it’s either a new car or a new wife.”

-Prince Philip


Mechanophilia is a fetish involving someone really likes their car or other machines to such a strong degree that they begin to sexualize them in their minds. It could be items as big as airplanes, or something like a fictional robot, though soon sex robots may come to life in the present, finally bringing the fantasy of mechanophilia into reality for many! In some places, this fetish is considered a crime so if you feel like sticking your dick into a crevice of your car, make sure you know your local laws beforehand. There are many ways to achieve this fetish in a safe and fun manner, though other methods are not so safe at all.

Trying It

If you want to try mechanophilia, just take your mechanical date to a secluded location and try sticking your dick in it or rubbing your pussy against it. Never put your dick into any of the actual mechanics under the hood, or into the gas tank hole, as both of those areas have increased risk for burns, damaging your car and getting stuck inside moving parts that might shift during your escapades. Also make sure that no one will happen upon you, so do it in a place like your closed garage, because getting sexual in public this way is a sure way to get arrested at some point!

Why People Like It

Why do people like blowjobs or anal or any other form of sex? Just because a freaky sex act is less common doesn’t make it less normal. Automakers constantly try to anthropomorphize their machines to seem more human. Often designing headlights to feel like eyes, and a grill to seem like an open mouth visually. Their appeals to modern standards of beauty are never done by accident. Plus, cars and machines never get tired, and if you’re talking about fucking machines, they can go on forever until the power gets turned off!

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