“Sex is part of nature. I go along with nature.”

-Marilyn Monroe


When you want to have a foursome you have tons of opportunities of what you can do. There can be lots of combinations of guys and girls, but the kind we are talking about here is an MMMF foursome. You get three guys for one girl and that means a whole lot of hole-filling fun. That’s one cock for every hole for fuck’s sake! You thought a threesome was a fantasy, well, wait until you see a foursome. This is a hole-fucking free-for-all where a chick will likely get a cock in her ass, her pussy and her facehole. If she’s not covered in jizz by the end of the event, you’re doing something wrong.

Finding the Foursome

If you want to have a foursome then you will first have to get two of your buddies. It’s always best to do this type of thing with someone that you know and trust. However, it doesn’t really matter if you need to find a freak or two from the internet. If your friends are too buttoned up, try going to a local swinger party where you can meet people who are of the same mind. Then just find a slut who wants to get her holes spread open so wide that they might never be the same. It really is that easy. Just imagine it happening and then manifest your new destiny.

The Possibilities Are Endless

If you’ve got a cum dumpster who is pretty open-minded you can do all sorts of fucked up things to her holes. You can do double penetration while fucking her face, which is called airtight DP, you can do double anal with a cock in her pussy too for good measure, and you can do the opposite which would be DV with a cock in the ass for something new. You can stuff her face full of three cocks and you can fuck her from every direction until she doesn’t know which end is up. Pretty much any true slut wants a good gangbang like this, so you better give it to her before she runs and finds it somewhere else.

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