“Impotence, fetishism, bisexuality, and bondage are all facts of life, and our fiction should reflect that.”

-Rick Moody


Mummification is a type of rather extreme bondage which you can probably imagine what the results look like. The submissive person gets wrapped up in something which turns them into a living, breathing mummy, like the kind from Ancient Egyptian lore. This is complete bondage and it requires both an experienced submissive and a talented top who can manage the situation and keep things fun and safe for all. One common difference between a BDSM mummy and a traditional one is that often the genitals are left outside of the wrappings for fun play, and sometimes the nipples are as well.


The most common material for mummification is plastic wrap. It’s most useful to use an industrial sized roll, because it takes a heck of a lot of wrap to wrap a whole person! Those who want the bondage to feel very secure often use a layer of duct tape or bondage tape on the top of the wrapping to make it more firm and complete. In very extreme cases people actually get casted over their whole body, rendering them very helpless. That is something that should only be done by those with expertise.


You would think that the regular lying down position would be the most popular for a mummy but there are other positions that can be better, especially if the person is going to be in that position for a while. For long term casting, a comfortable position sees the legs slightly bent and the arms held out. Others simply like to ball up a person and turn them into a tiny package with all of the bondage that, by the time it is done is rather inescapable. No matter the position, you should maintain regular communication with your sub throughout the mummification practice to keep things safe and fun.


Mummification can be more dangerous than other bondage activities, especially if the face is covered. Some people like to use a separate hood instead of covering the face in the same materials as the mummification process because it will be easier to remove in case better communication is needed. In addition, be aware that some positions are more dangerous than others as they will not allow the stomach to expand fully for breathing, so those positions should only be used for short amounts of time.

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