Money Shot

“Open throat and money shot.”



The money shot is the moment in porn when the guy spews his jizz and it is the best thing ever. It has also come to mean any shot in a movie or TV show that is completely exquisite or really makes a big difference in the whole thing. If you have wondered what this term means, now you really know. Before it came to have the porn connotations, it simply meant the most expensive shot in a movie, and people just assumed that the time when a guy jizzes himself is the best one!

Homemade Porn

If you are making your own homemade porn movies, how can you best capture the money spot? Well, it’s pretty easy, though it can be missed since it can’t exactly be repeated. You should make sure that you have the camera in the right place to catch the action. If it’s just the two of your filming it, then you should use a tripod device to keep the camera in place. Then simply make sure that you get the action hot enough so that your partner can jizz all over the place. There you will have the money shot.

Is it Fair?

Well, most people consider the money shot to be when the guy cums, but what about the girl? Ladies need to have orgasms too. So some people wonder if it is fair to have the money shot be all about the guy. That’s why many feminist porn makers have made their porn about pleasure and orgasm in general, no matter the genitals of the person involved. So you will be able to see more kinds of people orgasming in porn these days, proving that maybe there can be a more broad idea of what a money shot is.

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