Medical Play

“The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.”



Medical play covers a lot of ground in the fetish world. There are many things you can do sexually with medical equipment; terminology or scenarios and often the people doing it best are the ones who enjoy role-play as a doctor, nurse, or patient in need of some unconventional treatments. Many playhouses have a mock medical room, with tools and decorations that give sex sessions the look and feel of a real doctor’s office!

How to Play

If you’re new to medical play, you don’t need anything fancy. You can start with a very thorough exam. Of course, you’ll want to make sure to pay special attention to the parts of the body that aren’t usually given enough special attention by other examiners. Breast exams, prostate tests and thorough genital exams are popular activities for beginners. Once you get more advanced, there is a lot of equipment and techniques that actual medical practitioners use which can become extremely satisfying like catheterization and speculum play.

What Makes Medical Play Sexy?

For some, it’s a way to overcome the emotional baggage of past traumatic medical experiences by turning them into fun and sexy encounters. For others, the difference in power that occurs between the Dominant medical professional and the submissive patient is a turn on. Compared to other types of fetish play, the submissive experiences a level of exposure and potential embarrassment at having their holes opened up with speculums and their most intimate organs examined. However, most med play enthusiasts have a fetish for access and measurements. Just what is the capacity of your lover’s cunt or asshole? How wide can she gape exactly? Only a full medical exam with your own expertise can earn you those answers.

Advanced Med Play

There are many professional Doms who have a lot of advanced medical equipment. These include electrical stimulation units to stimulate muscles, actual heart monitors that tell you how fast your favorite Domme is causing your heart to beat, or special inescapable medical restraints, which are the type they actually use to restrain medical patients who need that level of security. Always match your level of play to your level of experience, establish safe words and signals in advance, and be sure the patient is being properly cared for during each session. The health of the patient should always be your most important goal after all.

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