“Do you ever got this feeling of being too small?”

-Maia Maranghello


Megalophilia is a fetish that describes people who love giant things. This is also known as a gigantism or height fetish. Freaks who enjoy a contradictory of this fetish called Macrophilia often also enjoy feeling small, and pornstars and amateur fetish porn producers work hard in order to create special effects to give this image in a porn movie. You will see there are movies out there in which giant chicks appear to eat dudes or even step on them. Megalophilia is more about objects than macrophilia, which more about giantesses.

Mega Objects

What kind of big objects do people love to include in their sexual practices? Well, some people enjoy huge dildos that don’t seem to fit into any orifice completely. Some people like to be the one putting these toys in their holes, while others like to watch that attempt. Some people who are into age play love big furniture which will make them feel like they are small, and there are plenty of companies who are interested in making giant versions of normal things for adults. Some people also consider megalophilia to be a technical term for the love of fat men or especially muscular men, so you may see it used in conjunction with that.

Macro or Microphilia

This is a subset of the fetish in which dudes enjoy the idea that they are tiny and insignificant. They love the idea of being consumed by a giant woman who attacks their city like a creature from an old Japanese movie. People who are the Domme in this fetish – the giants – are often dominant and cruel in the sack, and the guys tend to be submissive. Since there aren’t real giants, they always rely on the use of visual video effects and audio stimulation to imagine their fantasies becoming real. Until a shrink or grow ray is invented, this fantasy will stay just that.

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