“You want to be free. You also want to be mine. You can’t be both.”

-Nenia Campbell


A mistress is a female dominant who loves to be in charge. She might be a professional or she might just be a freak that you met anywhere, but whatever she is, she wants to take control. Mistresses wear hot garments that let you know they are in charge. They wear corsets to make their boobs even bigger for smothering and tight leather pants to assert their dominance. Their boots are perfect for licking up and down by a worthy sub and they use tons of tools and fun implements to make sure their submissives stay on their knees where they belong. A mistress is someone to be respected and if you don’t do a good job of respecting then you will find yourself in a good deal of trouble, most likely.

Types of Mistresses

There are mistresses of all types who love to do all sorts of different things. There are chicks who want to own your wallet and this would be a financial domination mistress. There are honeys who want to keep you wearing a chastity belt and make you beg for orgasm. There are women who want to make you feel lots and lots of pain, and there are also Dommes who want a loyal servant to worship them and make them feel important and appreciated. Have your pick of what type of mistress you would like.

Finding the One

If you want to find a mistress then you will have to look in all of the right places. A mistress may be hanging out on an online dating site that is specifically for kinksters. There is even a social network for kinky people that you can check out. You can also go to a local munch, which is a social gathering for people who want to meet up and get acquainted with other kinksters.

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