“I thank god I was raised Catholic so sex will always be dirty.”

-John Waters


If you want to have an all out gangbang, just get together with 3 of your closest friends and have an all out four-on-one fuck session. That’s what an MMMMF group sex session would be comprised of, and that’s a serious fantasy for a lot of chicks. Amazingly when you ask almost any pornstar what her fantasy would be, they almost always say that they want to do a gangbang. Sure, there are plenty of gangbang videos online that you can watch, but why not try to turn your fantasy into reality?

Call Your Buds

The first step towards creating a gangbang is to get four of your best friends together. It’s nice to do it with people that you know. Maybe one of them has a girlfriend who is pretty slutty who wants to get reamed by dicks, or perhaps you can just find a chick from some dating app. Whatever the case, it’s more fun if you can crack jokes with your guy friends and do the Eiffel Tower over your chick as you DP her to pieces. Just remember – cover her in cum at the end or it will all have been for nothing!

Fuck Her Silly

Get your cocks together for some hole stretching good times. Double penetration, double anal and double vaginal are all possible as long as you’ve got a hussy with elastic holes who has been working on stretching them out for a while. If you fuck her with 4 people you can have all of her holes filled and one for her hand too. Make her work for the cumshots you spew on her at the end, since some bukkake action is the mark of a true epic gangbang! If you want to make it happen, you really have to commit to filling her up. Now go have fun!

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