Anal Training

“I’ve decided I am going to start loving my backside because I don’t know anyone who does that.”

-Kate Winslet


Some people like anal sex. What’s not to like? The anus has many nerve endings that can create a deeply satisfying sexual experience as long as enough lubrication is used. However, many people take anal to the extreme, and these people are known as anal training fetishists. In the beginning with anal sex, recipients often find they need to “train” their assholes and work up toward being able to take something the size of a cock inside. Once they are able to get a dick balls-deep in their ass they consider their training complete. Freaks on the other hand see that as just a start! Training their assholes to be able to take bigger and bigger things until they can accommodate some very impressive objects.

How To Train Your Asshole

If you want to try anal training, you should do some research online. You will find that the asshole is an amazing orifice, which can stretch even wider than the pussy. Some people resort to wearing larger and larger plugs all throughout the day, and others are into BDSM so their dominants put them into chastity belts that help them keep big plugs in their buttholes for a number of hours. The main thing when doing this is to listen to your body and go slowly. Anal Training is about the long game, so keep your eyes on the prize and resist the urge to go too big too quickly or you may end up tearing yourself a new one!

Backdoor Safety

While the anus is surprisingly durable, it can also be quite fickle and delicate. You can never use too much lube when it comes to huge anal insertions, and you need to be careful or prolapse, which can happen easily when the asshole has been used too much. Anal prolapse is a medical condition that often needs to be treated with surgery if it keeps happening too often. Remember; only use toys that have a flared base for butt hole spelunking, because those items will not get lost inside of your booty and nobody wants to be digging around in her colon for a lost keepsake when your greedy asshole gobbles it up completely.

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