“Those who tied love to sex, or even love to romance, didn’t own the emotion itself.”

-A.M. Strickland


An aroflux person is someone on the aromantic spectrum whose romantic attraction fluctuates but leans towards the aromantic side of the spectrum. This is the orientation that typically has the most fluctuations ranging from fully aro, to grayromantic, all the way to alloromantic. This can waver from day to day. It can be a romantic orientation of its own or can be combined such as aroflux homoromantic. The counterpart to this on the asexual spectrum is aceflux.

The Controversy

There is pushback on this term, even within the aro community. Some people argue that fluctuating on romantic attraction is normal for all people and therefore does not qualify as a romantic orientation. For people who identify as aroflux this commentary is steeped in orientation erasure. This misunderstanding might stem from the difficulty for an aro person to understand full feelings of romantic attraction and likewise for an alloromantic person to understand the lack of romantic feelings. The main reason aroflux people stand behind their orientation as a distinct one is because of the tendency to lean towards the aroromantic orientation but also fluctuate beyond gray or demiromantic.

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