“Few love to hear the sins they love to act.”



Most people love to watch videos or look at pictures of the sexy stuff they like. However, there is a subset of people who enjoy listening instead of looking. They might close their eyes during sex to listen to the hot squishing sounds, or they may download audio files of their favorite sexual situations instead of trying porn movies. Sometimes the sounds that turn them on don’t even have to be sexual. It can be a certain song that they heard once when they were having sex, or it can be another sound all together.

The Fetish Scale

Auralism is definitely a fetish that has a large scale. Some people simply enjoy it a bit when it happens. For example, most people enjoy hearing their partner moan because it means they know their lover is having a good time. However, at the other end of the scale are the people who absolutely need some form of sound in order to get off. Some argue that in order to be a true fetish, someone has to absolutely need it to have an orgasm, but others think that fetishes occur on scales, just like sexual preference or gender.

Music Fetish

A music fetish can be a real thing, which is a bit different from auralism. Some people actually get sexually aroused whenever they hear music and it can be kind of crippling, since music is a big part of everyday life. You might listen to the radio in the car, or hear some music at the mall and get a wet pussy or a big boner that is embarrassing. It just proves that basically anything can be a fetish! Some people think their fetishes are weird but any cursory search on the web shows that any sexual preference is shared by at least a few other people.

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