“Two and two make five.”

-George Orwell, 1984


An authoritarian fetish involves experiencing sexual arousal from enforcing strict behavior and obedience at the expense of personal freedom, or from having such a behavior enforced on you. 

Sex and Power

Why are we so attracted to people in positions of power? Part of it is because having relations with people in authority positions is typically taboo. Students are not allowed to have sex with teachers. Employees are not allowed to have sex with bosses. But authority and authoritarians are a bit different. Authoritarians are not just demonstrating power and control, they are exerting unyielding power and control. In this fetish, this power and control is often over your own body. For many people in the 24/7 lifestyle adding an authoritarian element is common, because it means turning over complete control of one’s personal freedom to another person.

Giving Up Control

A core part of the authoritarian fetish is giving up control. If you are the sub then you are giving up complete control to your Dom. If you are the Dom you are having complete control given to you. It is about having someone fall in line and be obedient, without question, no matter what. People who are in power positions in real life like to engage in authoritarian scenes as subs, so they can feel the release of giving up all power. For people who feel powerless in life, being in an authoritarian relationship or scene can give them control and a sense of power when they don’t have it anywhere else. 

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