Ball Busting

“The one, who doesn’t break your heart, will break your balls.”

-MF Moonzajer


Ball busting is something that many guys love even though it makes them double over in extreme pain. It’s exactly what it sounds like. A Dominant girl will, either barefoot or wearing a sexy pair of boots or heels, kick a guy in the balls as hard as she can. It helps if the guy is tied up so he can’t protect himself much from the blows, but it’s not always necessary as some ball knocking enthusiasts willingly stand back up for more torment as soon as possible.


So, you want to try ball busting with your male sub. You should start light by holding out the balls with your hand and spanking them, with increasing severity until you get a reaction. This will be your gauge for how hard to hit, no matter the technique. Once you’ve gotten the OK, move up to kneeing. This is a more controlled motion than kicking, and you are more likely to get a direct hit on your first try. A Muay Thai inspired move, it helps if you hold the person’s shoulders with your arms. Don’t be surprised if they double over quickly! Finally, the most extreme form of ball busting is kicking. This requires some practice and aim. Always aim to catch the balls on the top of the foot where it is flat. It will hurt plenty but not leave any lasting damage to the balls or your foot.


There is always risk with ball busting as it is basically a form of contact sport! Some shoes can scratch the skin of the balls, which is quite delicate; so if your shoes have spikes or buckles on them, best to leave it off to avoid injury. If you don’t want to touch the person’s bare balls, you can always slip a condom over your foot. Safer sex is always the sexiest sex. Remember to always play with a safe word. That way, your busting subject can cry and scream all they want but you’ll know they still want to continue. As with any form of pain play, consent is required and the Dom must frequently ‘check in’ with the sub to confirm that consent is enduring, because it can be revoked at any time.

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